We’ve watched the video a couple of times — which was painful, since it’s CNN — and tried to give Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt. What does he keep looking at? Some suggested it was CNN’s video feed, but it’s a Skype call, and you can clearly see Biden look directly into the camera (some of the time) while talking with Anderson Cooper. Is he reading from notes? We don’t know, but it certainly seems like it.

Two things we do know: Cooper didn’t push back when Biden lied about President Trump not once condemning white supremacy, and it looks like Kamala Harris will be doing the speeches (without answering reporters’ questions) while Biden continues to stay in his basement and not hit the ground in Kenosha as Jesse Jackson did.

We’d also like some pushback on Biden’s COVID-19 plan. Would he have closed the border to China or would that have been racist and xenophobic?

It’s frankly impossible to imagine.

It’s like the coronavirus pandemic is his emergency chute when he loses his train of attack.


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