We’re still deep into the Kamala Harris spin, with the New York Times calling her a “pragmatic moderate” and the Washington Post alleging she is “a small-c conservative.” While those takes are both laughable, the mainstream media seems most concerned that President Trump has called Harris “phony,” which is a sexist attack — until you do a 10-second Twitter search to find the many, many men Trump has called phony.

And we’ll credit Ben Shapiro for calling Harris a far-left radical; that is, a “far-left radical with a shocking inability to connect on a personal level.”

The Washington Post could be doing things like asking Joe Biden and Kamala Harris questions if they’d stayed around to answer any after their press conference Thursday, but instead, they’re taking a “conservatives pounce” approach and writing that Trump and his allies are struggling to find a focused attack on Harris.

The Post reports:

The blizzard of attacks against Harris from the political right illustrated the urgency Republicans feel to demonize her as a way for Trump to recover some of the ground he lost this spring and summer over his handling of the novel coronavirus. The scattershot nature of the intersecting lines of attack also underscored the lack of consensus within the GOP about how best to take on Harris.

“It’s clear that they don’t have a message on Kamala Harris, much like they haven’t on Joe Biden. They are flailing,” said Christina Reynolds, vice president of communications for Emily’s List, a group that helps elect women who support abortion rights and is among a coalition of political organizations forcefully defending Harris. “The sad news is I assume Trump will fall back to racist and sexist tropes that have nothing to do with Kamala Harris.”

Astonishing that Emily’s List (and former Hillary Clinton flunkie Jennifer Palmieri) would say Republicans are “flailing.” Phony and far-left seem to hit the target quite well.

We’re good with her prosecuting the team who exposed Planned Parenthood selling baby parts and then turning around and adding a Planned Parenthood donation page to her Senate campaign website.

And her grandstanding at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

And her co-sponsoring the Green New Deal and then voting against it.

Yes, another “straight news” story debunking all of the criticisms of Harris as a vice-presidential candidate.