As Twitchy reported, when video of the rioting in Portland started making it to mainstream news outlets, the organizers knew they had to do something to make the optics of arson look a little bit better, and so appeared the “Wall of Moms,” women in yellow T-shirts who showed up in Portland to take the front lines for a night or two and make those federal agents look even worse by having them tear-gas mothers. And the press took the bait, with CNN, the New York Times, and Rolling Stone, among others, all doing features on the courageous moms.

Andy Ngo had predicted from message boards that the next move would be to recast the rioters as patriots fighting for their First Amendment rights against a fascist federal government, and they were encouraged to bring their flags (American flags) to Thursday night’s protest, not to burn but to wave.

Now we’ve moved from the Wall of Moms to the Wall of Nurses to the Wall of Vets, which certainly caught the attention of New York Times correspondent Mike Baker.

There appear to be some very short and/or young veterans in that shot, but it was the guy in his dress blues that got the correspondent’s attention.

We’re old enough to remember nurses making TikTok videos saying we’re staying here at the hospital for you, so you stay at home for us. Guess they didn’t have a problem with this crowd during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, people are questioning if this guy really is a veteran; his dress blues don’t seem to fit very well.

But the Wall of Vets got a whole bunch of coverage in the nation’s leading newspaper, so there’s that. Which “Wall” will show up next?

Oh, and we wonder why the feds are targeting these patriots?


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