Protesters have been burning American flags for the last few weeks, but is that going to change? Andy Ngo has been keeping an eye on message boards and on Wednesday said that the rioters are looking for a way to change the perception of their siege of the federal courthouse. They’ve already dispatched their “wall of moms” in yellow T-shirts (and dads in orange T-shirts), and we all saw how quickly the media took the bait with those moms.

And — surprise! — now, with the mainstream media finally paying attention, the protesters are being encouraged to bring their flags, seeing as they’re the patriots here expressing their First Amendment rights at the hands of a fascist government.

Up until now, that’s how they knew whom to beat with a bike lock because they were a fascist — look for anyone carrying the American flag.

They’ll all be live streaming it Thursday night, so let’s see how many patriots show up with American flags right-side-up.