You know when CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter mentions “right-wing” coverage he’s talking about Fox News because that’s all he watches. But those of us on social media are seeing plenty of “real problems” in Portland from both journalists on the street and from the protesters themselves posting videos of things like their no-cops-allowed “Chinook Land Autonomous Territory.”

As we mentioned earlier, Stelter seemed bothered that Sean Hannity led his program with “‘MORE VIOLENCE GRIPS PORTLAND’ and scary video from the streets.” It would seem to us that if there’s “scary video” from the streets of Portland, maybe there’s a news story there. Does CNN have anyone they could send out to Portland to check it out firsthand and get back to us with the real story? Send Acosta.

We’re bringing up Stelter again only because he’s cooking up an epic ratio for his tweet admitting that Portland does have “real problems” and he’s acknowledged that.

There have been nightly riots for over 50 nights now.

Yeah, now their moms are out in the street protecting their little anarchists.

Even Stelter called the videos “scary.” But shame on Fox News for showing scary videos.

You’d think weeks of rioting would call for a CNN news crew on the ground to get the side of the “protesters.”


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