As Twitchy reported earlier, Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, told the Department of Homeland Security he didn’t want or need their help to contain a weeks-long protest because his biggest immediate concern was “the violence federal officers brought to our streets in recent days, and the life-threatening tactics … agents use.” To ’80s singer Richard Marx, it’s like Soviet Russia in Portland with the feds there.

But we thought you anti-fascists opposed the cops. Who’s going to answer when you call 911?



Well, it looks like if you were feeling nostalgic for Seattle’s autonomous zone, which went from CHAZ to CHOP to a pile of debris, don’t fret: Portland might be getting its very own autonomous zone. And with Wheeler in charge, we doubt he’s going to send in any police officers to break it up anytime soon, if ever.

The nuts from CHOP managed to take over a police precinct in Seattle and hold onto it for a couple of weeks.

Word on the street is that CLAT only lasted a few hours.

Downtown looks great, Mr. Mayor.