This editor doesn’t live in Portland, but after covering it for years, it seems that the streets have been handed over to Antifa by Mayor Ted Wheeler. In fact, in 2017 Politico Magazine ran a lengthy piece examining “how liberal Portland became America’s most politically violent city.” That same year, Portland police sent out a tweet saying, “If you do not need to come to Downtown Portland, please stay away. #MayDayPDX is now considered a riot.” This is the city where organizers canceled the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade because of a fear of “the type of riots which happen in downtown Portland” (there were going to be Republicans in the parade, so better safe than sorry).

Long after anarchists have worn themselves out trashing other cities, those in Portland are still going strong. But the last thing Wheeler wants is any help from the Department of Homeland Security; his most immediate concern is violence by the feds.

What a hero.

And he’s proud of it.


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