Let’s all give a big hand to Portland, a strong contender for riot capital of America, 2017.

The city, which drew national attention because of rioting after Donald Trump’s Election Day victory, recently canceled its Avenue of Roses parade after protesters threatened to shut down the event if county Republicans were allowed to march.

Anarchists on Monday proved once again why Portland can’t have nice things. The city ended up pulling the permit for a May Day march already in progress after protesters hurled rocks and other projectiles at police. Again, it was the citizens who legally obtained the permit to march who were screwed after police declared the event unsafe.

OK, someone actually threw a Pepsi can at authorities? After that ridiculous ad featuring Kendall Jenner, there’s no way that was a coincidence — note how the police tagged @pepsi in their tweet.

Um … we love the police and understand their intent, but how about separating the violent anarchists from the marchers who bothered to secure a permit from the city?

You can’t say any of this was a surprise.

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We interrupt this post to bring you some breaking news from CNN: Portland police are claiming that quote-unquote “anarchists” have been throwing projectiles and incendiary devices, forcing the city to cancel the May Day protest. We’re anxious to hear some follow-up from CNN about these so-called anarchists and how their rise can be traced back to the Tea Party movement.

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