If there are two things that give us plenty of material here at Twitchy, they are Portland and white Black Lives Matter protesters getting in the faces of black police officers. Last summer, well before the death of George Floyd, we watched video of so-called anti-fascists saying, “Look at this c**n” to a black Portland police officer and calling him an Uncle Tom and a race traitor (and telling all cops to commit suicide: “Shoot yourselves. Suicide is the only way out!”).

When Black Lives Matter protests fired up again after the death of George Floyd, we again watched white protesters singling out black cops for verbal abuse and self-righteously lecturing black cops about racism.

Portland protest reporter Brandon Farley last week shared this video of Officer Jakhary Jackson talking about his interaction with white protesters, and it’s been making the rounds on Twitter Thursday. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Of course, the Antifa sympathizers in the comments are calling Jackson a “token” the police department dragged out.

We found it pretty condescending when that citizen of CHOP in Seattle told every white person there to give a black person $10 — a pretty small sum to assuage your white guilt.

If you’d like to hear more, the full interview is available on YouTube, and the Portland Police uploaded an interview as well:


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