Supposing the CHAZ model of having an independent country in the middle of a major city doesn’t hold up (maybe that community garden won’t suffice), what are all of the white residents going to do when they’re back in the United States and called on to relinquish capital, land, and power?

One speaker in the autonomous zone challenged all of the white protesters in CHAZ to find a black person before they left and give them $10 as proof that they’re willing to give up those things.

Yeah, what if one black man gets $20 from two people while another one gets nothing? That’s not a fair redistribution of wealth.

Notice how the speaker says the whites can pull out their iPhones and use an app to transfer ten dollars to the African American’s Venmo account. They don’t sound too hard up.


No, it’s just a warm-up for what’s coming after CHAZ breaks up and the protesters re-enter the U.S.

He called it a “challenge,” but we’ll see if the people expecting ten bucks consider it a challenge or a promise.


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