As Twitchy reported recently, a crowd managed to get into the fencing around the Andrew Jackson statue in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square and tie ropes around it to topple it, but were interrupted by police. The police have now pushed the protesters back, but it didn’t stop them from vandalizing St. John’s Church, which was already the target of an arsonist.

Super-reporter Julio Rosas of Twitchy sister-site Townhall is on the scene and captured some video of a woke white protester singling out a black police office for some verbal abuse:

Serious question: What is it about these “protesters” and fire?

Something’s dripping from his pointy little beard … sweat, maybe, or foam?

They’re super-angry that the statue of Andrew Jackson that has been there forever is still there tonight.

Defund the police and reroute the money to social workers and night classes and Planned Parenthood. That’ll fix everything.

Here’s some more screaming if that wasn’t enough for you:

Where’s her mask?

Bonus: This is an unrelated video from an Atlanta cop, but it fits here:

* * *


You’d think as professional journalists covering the White House they’d be fighting to get out there with a camera crew: