Drew Holden can always be counted on to bring the receipts, and in this epic thread, he does it again, putting side-by-side excerpts of President Trump’s Independence Day speech (delivered a day early) with tweets from the media and left-wingers who must have been listening to something else. According to the media, Trump’s speech was “dark,” “divisive,” “jaw-dropping,” and “dystopian.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter criticizing the much-higher rated Fox News? That’s new territory.

“Trump exploits social divisions, warns of ‘left-wing cultural revolution.'”

Who’s stoking the culture war again?

Anyone else noticing a pattern here? All of the journalists seem to have been really struck by President Trump admitting out loud that there are left-wing extremists out there who’d love to “fundamentally transform” America. Was it just us, or did anyone else notice the anarchists in Seattle putting up signs on their border wall saying “Now leaving the USA”?

We’ve already covered Seth Abramson’s blindness when it comes to how many statues and monuments have been toppled, taken down on purpose by the property owners, or just burned at random, like the Portland elk. Maybe they don’t believe it should be blown up, but there is a movement to take down Mount Rushmore.

Nice try, but neither “Confederate” nor “Confederacy” were mentioned at Friday night’s speech.