Look, we know it is Newsweek and all, but do you not think even that media outlet would step in at some point and demand their columnist Seth Abramson do even the barest amount of fact checking before going off on one of his infamous Twitter rage-threads?! You know, they do have the word ”NEWS” in their name, after all.

Last night Seth was listening to President Trump speaking at Mount Rushmore and he became completely flummoxed by the passages where the President was mentioning the statues and monuments we have all witnessed being torn down and defaced across the country. It seems that Seth has come down with a very severe case of political delusion.

Amazing. The activities which have been all over the news for weeks. In fact, it has even appeared in…NEWSWEEK. Huh. I guess like Brian Stelter never watching CNN, Seth Abramson does not read Newsweek.

But he was not content to just let that ignorance stand on it own. Abramson continued with his attempt to mock the President over details the entire country has witnessed taking place.

But Seth kept going, digging his hole even deeper.

How on earth was Seth supposed to hear about this taking place?! After all, it is not like other politicians have been talking about the statues of the founders being torn down by rioters — AS REPORTED IN THE NEWS OUTLET ABRAMSON WORKS FOR.

Staggering obliviousness — and he was not even finished.

It is amazing. He is quite literally involved in the practice of gaslighting at this stage. We should not believe what we have witnessed for the past weeks with our lying eyes — trust Seth Abramson to deliver us the ”real” truth.

All of this hateful evidence must be triggering for Seth.

This one here is just more than perfect —

Just too perfect.

By the evidence of it, somebody overpaid.