The (now former) editorial page editor at the New York Times did his best to explain why the paper ran an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton headlined, “Send in the Troops.” Cotton argued that the military should be mobilized to deal with the rioting, arson, and vandalism that followed in the wake of peaceful George Floyd protests, and that led many Times staffers to tweet in unison, “Running this puts black New York Times staff in danger.”

The Times said it would atone by running fewer op-eds so that each one could be given more fact-checking and editorial attention. Somehow, this one about abolishing the police made it past the editor, and Cotton is responding in kind.

We’re glad they printed it — the Left has had far too much media time to explain how the call to defund the police doesn’t technically mean defunding the police, and we’ll still have police officers even if we abolish the police.