As Twitchy reported, CNN finally posted a story on Tara Reade’s sexual harassment allegations against then-Sen. Joe Biden on April 17, after The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway noted that a search for “Christine Blasey Ford” on CNN’s website pulled up around 700 results, while a search for “Tara Reade” produced precisely zero.

CNN took a sort of “Republicans pounce” angle, noting that Democrats were grappling with questions about the assault allegation. The rest of the media took the cue, with Politico, The Intercept, and Mother Jones all using the word “grappling” in their headlines and tweets about Biden and Reade.

Video has since emerged of Reade’s late mother calling into “Larry King Live” and alluding to her daughter’s “problems” with a “prominent senator.” Newsbusters’ Brent Baker notes that the footage came from the Media Research Center’s archive and not from CNN, the network that aired “Larry King Live.”

CNN did finally jump on the story Saturday.

We’d have thought CNN media reporters Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter would have been all over this.

One thing has changed: A search of CNN’s website now pulls up four results for a search of “Tara Reade,” although one of them is headlined, “How Trump lost the public on coronavirus.” Let’s see if the media watchdogs at CNN settle for the Biden campaign’s statement or do some more grappling with the story.


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