Rolling Stone hasn’t yet been sued out of existence for smearing so many people with that completely fabricated article on a campus rape that didn’t happen, and it’s following up its tradition of putting Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and The Squad on the cover by gracing the May issue with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “Andrew Cuomo Takes Charge,” the cover reads, right above “The President and the Plague: Trump’s Failed Response.”

We’ve said it before, but it’s kind of amazing to see how close President Trump and Cuomo have been on policy, such as the importance of reopening the economy, while Trump gets flamed and Cuomo praised for his leadership.

Remember, this is the same magazine that published a piece saying a downside of social distancing was that it could lead to a spike in white nationalism. These aren’t serious people.

Because “his response to this deadly crisis has helped guide the nation.”

To be fair, Mayor Bill de Blasio did his part to make New York a hotspot for COVID-19.

We’ll just leave this here: