First thing, in case you missed it (word is that MSNBC and CNN and the broadcast networks cut away from President Trump’s coronavirus briefing this evening), the president made it clear that it’s not sustainable for the nation to stay closed and that some sort of balance would have to be worked out.

Even ABC political analyst and national scold Matthew Dowd agreed with the president to some degree:

Unfortunately, CNN’s Jim Acosta, who’s supposed to be the one presenting the facts to us, gave his tweet in the form of a question:

Most responses to Acosta’s tweet are along the lines of the president’s going to get us all killed and he needs to be removed by invoking the 25th Amendment. But just this morning, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the one Jennifer Rubin says the media should be covering, said practically the same thing:

Nor is Trump suggesting everyone hit the beach tomorrow, despite Acosta’s tweet. Funny how it’s so wise when it comes from Cuomo’s mouth.

* * *


It looks like CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried to make a controversy out of Trump’s statement with his brother Andrew, who turns out to be on the same page as the president.


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