MSNBC alumnus Touré had a follower ask him why Democrats aren’t holding their own daily briefing on the COVID-19 response; “Can they just ONE time control the narrative?!” Yeah, it’s a shame the Democrats don’t have anyone in the media to help them get their word out.

Biden did have the microphone earlier today, and it was awkward, to put it kindly. Looks like his teleprompter and/or his brain broke down for a minute there.

Conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin thought Touré’s tweet was a good opportunity to pimp her latest column for the Washington Post, in which she calls for journalists to stop covering President Trump’s coronavirus pressers and give the microphone instead to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Biden.

“In sum,” Rubin concludes, “the media’s job is not to cover every presidential utterance, let alone cover it live. It is to keep the public informed during one of the worst domestic crises since the 1918 flu. The mainstream media is not the comms team for the president; they are a lifeline for Americans. To paraphrase Biden, they should act like it.”

That’s funny; Rubin’s colleague at the Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan, just wrote a piece about how the media must stop covering President Trump’s “dangerous” coronavirus briefings. Trust them to get the word out, or at least repeat Biden’s talking points.

We wouldn’t call it a press conference, since it was streamed from his living room and no reporters were there to ask questions once he got done trying to read the teleprompter.


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