Impeachment Task Force alumnus (we’re assuming it’s done or on hiatus) Alyssa Milano recently said she had tears in her eyes and thanked God for his leadership as she watched Joe Biden, the first guest on her podcast, deliver his shadow address to the nation on the coronavirus, and when he came unglued on that Detroit autoworker over AR-14s, well that’s precisely why she decided to endorse him.

She’d also sort of brushed off the controversy about him touching and stroking and sniffing women inappropriately despite being one of the champions of the #MeToo movement. We’d say that Biden is having another #MeToo problem at the moment; that is, if any of the broadcast or cable news networks or major newspapers would report on the allegations made by former staffer Tara Reade.

We don’t have any new tweets from Milano on the subject, but someone clever on Twitter managed to get this one circulating again:

We’re old enough to remember Alyssa Milano traveling to D.C. to be present in the room for the Brett Kavanaugh nomination hearings.

Believe women, right?