As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Brian Stelter was busy criticizing President Trump for attacking the press during Thursday’s coronavirus briefing, so it fell to the Washington Post to call out Fox News for its biased reporting. It turns out that some personalities on Fox News are saying that China, which is now spreading the idea that the U.S. created and spread COVID-19, has blood on its hands — and if you read this damning thread, you’ll know they’re right.

Blame-shifting from …? We can’t blame China for sitting on the virus for weeks before alerting the world. Maybe Chinese state media is right and the U.S. Army spread the virus in Wuhan — they don’t seem to have any qualms about blaming the United States for developing and spreading the virus.

Oh yeah, we’d forgotten that China pulled the Washington Posts’ press credentials and forbid its reporters to work in China. Why was that?


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