We get that Brian Stelter is CNN’s chief media correspondent, making it his job to report on the media, which to him almost exclusively means Fox News. He was on CNN Thursday with one of CNN’s typical chyrons in front of him: “Trump repeatedly attacks media in middle of pandemic.” Why would he do that when the media is empowering people to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak? But the better question is: Why is CNN reporting on Trump “attacking” the media when it could be spending that time providing useful information from the day’s briefing?

The media has demonstrated that about all it cares about is Trump calling COVID-19 the Chinese flu and what he thinks about an unidentified White House official allegedly calling it “Kung Flu” to a reporter who won’t name the official.

Wasn’t CNN the network that chose to cut away from a White House presser about the coronavirus because it had to show its stupid town hall with Michael Bloomberg?


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