The mainstream American media and Chinese state-run media are pretty much running in sync right about now, with American media fully buying into the idea that calling it the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus is racist. Chinese state TV is now calling COVID-19 an American virus in hopes that the narrative that the U.S. Army brought the virus to Wuhan catches on. And American outlets like NBC News are reporting that China, which helped the world by delaying the spread of the virus, is now worried that people from other countries are going to reinfect the Chinese population.

If you need a dose of sanity or just a recap of where we’ve been so far, Shadi Hamid has a great thread to promote his piece in The Atlantic about China’s attempt to shift responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don’t eat friggin’ bats … it’s gross.

Whoa, holding China responsible? That sounds racist.

Joe Biden assures us that the Chinese Communist Party are good folks and that China is no competition for the United States.

Maybe the media might take a hint: Just because you’re trying to push the narrative that President Trump fumbled the response to the coronavirus doesn’t mean you have to start repeating Chinese propaganda.