Just as CNN’s Brian Stelter has a full-time gig watching Fox News and nitpicking about their (much higher-rated) coverage of every issue, Ben Shapiro has a loyal viewer in Media Matters researcher Jason Campbell, who’s on the Shapiro beat and always looking for something to be offended by.

Yesterday’s gripe? Campbell thought it was pretty racist that Shapiro called certain culinary practices in China “gross” and telling the Chinese it’s time to stop eating “friggin’ bats.”

It sounds like good advice to us, just like the U.S. government reminding us to wash our hands and stop touching our faces. Don’t eat bats.

If we’re trying to up the ante from “Chinese virus” is racist to “thinking eating bats is gross” is racist, it’s not working. The faux outrage meter is overloaded already.

P.S. You know what else is gross? Armpit hair on women. We’re racist that way.


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