Seriously, how much more damage could the mainstream media do during the coronavirus crisis? They run the newspapers and cable news channels and yet they wonder why the public doesn’t have more reliable information, while they tweet partial quotes of the president out of context, complain about the lack of diversity on the coronavirus task force, and then do fashion critiques of the women on the task force during critical updates from the experts.

The COVID-19 scare also has liberals like Molly Jong-Fast discovering the wonders of federalism. Binyamin Appelbaum, who writes editorials about business and economics for the New York Times, wants to know what all of those people calling for a smaller federal government think now that we’re in a crisis “without a functioning federal government.”

Assuming we buy the premise that we don’t have a functioning federal government right now, maybe state governments could step up their own efforts to contain the virus?

If you count California.

More bloat at the federal level certainly would speed up the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Hey, it’s the guy who became a meme after accusing Pete Buttigieg, “You worked for a company that was fixing bread prices.”

We’re well past the media apologizing for pushing the Russian collusion hoax 24/7 for three years; it would be nice if they could own up to all their fear-mongering once the coronavirus crisis has passed.