Donald Trump is nothing if not cold and cruel when it comes to dealing the COVID19 outbreak. Like, can you believe what he told governors on a conference call today? New York Times national correspondent Julie Bosman sure can’t:

Wow. Wow. Wow, you guys.

But that’s not even the craziest part of Bosman’s incredulity:

Wait … you mean she left something out? Quick! Where are our shocked faces?

She really does suck. Here’s what Julie didn’t feel was worth including in her “Wow” tweet:

Seems kind of important, Julie.

So is her New York Times colleague Peter Baker, as it turns out:

And Mara Gay:

Who could’ve guessed that math isn’t Mara’s only weakness? She also sucks at journalism! Go figure!


Well deserved jokes at Mara Gay’s expense aside, though, it’s shameful and pathetic how low our media betters are willing to stoop in order to push a narrative, even in the middle of a national (and global) crisis.




Julie Bosman is really sorry about misleading followers about Donald Trump’s remarks to the governors.

We kid, of course. She’s not:

Nice try, dear. But no.



Good news, New York Times. You’re not the only ones dishonestly framing Trump’s remarks. Take it away, CNN hall monitor Oliver Darcy:

Because Real News, Mr. President.

Stay tuned … we have a feeling he hasn’t hit rock-bottom yet.