HuffPost’s editor-in-chief popped up the other day to assure Megyn Kelly that she could find good, solid information on the coronavirus that she could take to the bank from “literally any mainstream outlet.” So what have we learned from the media? We’ve learned that President Trump’s coronavirus task force, formed in January, isn’t diverse enough and also that it smacked of xenophobia that Trump referred to COVID-19 as “a foreign virus.” That’s the kind of important information we’re getting from mainstream outlets like CNN.

Now Los Angeles Times White House reporter Chris Megerian seems to be questioning Trump’s decision to wear a cap you can purchase from his campaign store while addressing the nation on a global pandemic.

The ratio on this tweet is astounding, but a few people are complaining that Trump is violating the Hatch Act by “campaigning” while on official business. We’re pretty sure he just grabbed a hat and put it on. Plus it’s nice to see a president wear a flag pin for a change.


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