We’re not sure if this clip had anything to do with International Women’s Day, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after defending Obamacare against Republican efforts to repeal it, told the crowd that generally, she usually aways votes for the woman, but unfortunately she’s not going to be able to do that this fall.

She still can.

Bernie Sanders complains about getting screwed by the American media, but if anyone should have a right to complain, it’s Tulsi Gabbard. The DNC is once again arbitrarily messing with the rules to keep her out of the next debate, CNN blew her off when town halls rolled around, and when Elizabeth Warren dropped out, women were rending their garments over the last woman leaving the race. Let’s see if Pelosi casts her vote for Gabbard and not elderly white male Joe Biden, who couldn’t decide if he wanted to repeal the Hyde amendment or not.

We’d just assume that’s the patriarchy propping up the patriarchy — business as usual.

We all know Pelosi would vote for the Democrat, especially if that Democrat campaigned on abortion access.