As Twitchy just reported, the Iowa Democratic Party, which still hasn’t released the final results from Monday night, just made “a minor correction to the last batch of results.” This follows reports from Monday night that the app the Democrats were using to transmit the results wasn’t working properly, as well as a report in late January from the Wall Street Journal that there were “major security concerns” with the app.

ProPublica reports that they obtained the app and did some testing, and found that a skilled hacker could easily intercept sensitive data, and possibly even change vote tallies.

Jack Gillum and Jessica Huseman report:

A glitch in the smartphone app used to count and report votes from individual precincts continues to delay results from Monday’s Iowa caucuses. But a closer look shows that the app had a potentially graver problem that apparently did not come into play: its vulnerability to hacking.

The IowaReporterApp was so insecure that vote totals, passwords and other sensitive information could have been intercepted or even changed, according to officials at Massachusetts-based Veracode, a security firm that reviewed the software at ProPublica’s request. Because of a lack of safeguards, transmissions to and from the phone were left largely unprotected.

Chris Wysopal, Veracode’s chief technology officer, said the problems were elementary. He called it a “poor decision” to release the software without first fixing them.

The app was developed by the “inexcusably secretive” Shadow, Inc., which is largely made up of Hillary Clinton campaign staffers.

Great … it’s been three days and we still don’t even have a winner declared in Iowa. After three years of the Russian collusion hoax, we don’t need any help with people questioning the results of elections.