What an absolute debacle the Iowa Caucus turned out to be. At the time of this writing we still don’t have the results … surely Trump will use this at least once in his SOTU tonight.


If Democrats were trying to remind the country why they have NO BUSINESS leading anything, they succeeded. And it sounds like one thing they are blaming for the mess/delay is their new fancy app the DNC contracted with Shadow Inc. to create.

Shadow Inc. What a name.

Kevin Gosztola did some digging on Shadow Inc. and it’s quite revealing:

He dug a little deeper; Shadow Inc. seems to have some interesting and some might even say shady connections.

See if you can spot a theme here:

You guys notice the name of a certain old lady who liked to wear ugly pantsuits mentioned over and over again?

And that’s fair.

We’re just noticing a common denominator here and that’s hardly Kevin’s doing.

Because this doesn’t seem shady AF.


Good luck with that, DNC.



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