As Twitchy reported Saturday, Puerto Rico’s governor fired the island’s emergency manager after video went viral of a warehouse of unused aid from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Of course, liberals had tried to tie the Puerto Rican suffering to President Trump, just as they blamed George W. Bush for Hurricane Katrina, while hundreds of school buses meant for evacuation sat submerged in water, thanks for Mayor Ray Nagin.

As we’ve reported, CBS News’ David Bergnaud has been on the case, reporting in 2018 on photos showing “what may be millions of water bottles” that were sent to Puerto Rico by the U.S. federal government a year earlier but never delivered to those in need by local authorities. A year later, Begnaud found photos of thousands more water bottles — bought by FEMA for Hurricane Maria survivors — sitting in a field in Dorado, Puerto Rico

Bergnaud is back, and he’s reporting that Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State has confirmed there are more warehouses stocked with emergency aid that was never distributed.

Lucky of her to find a custom T-shirt shop open among all the devastation.

Last we checked, in 2018, the FBI was conducting a raid on San Juan’s municipal offices.