The FBI reportedly raided the municipal offices in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico this morning:

Translation: “Dozens of FBI agents occupy the 15th floor of the Municipal tower. That’s how the feds arrived this morning”

The feds are reportedly investigating “favoritism in the purchasing department” of San Juan’s city council:

Translation: Now: The FBI raided the municipal tower of San Juan, the main headquarters of the city’s municipal government. Conducts research on allegations of favoritism in the purchasing department of the city Council.

As we all know, San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, and President Donald Trump have repeatedly sparred over the past year regarding the federal response to the hurricanes that leveled Puerto Rico in 2017 with Trump blaming corruption for many of the island’s problems:

Mayor Cruz’s reaction:

Translation: At this time, members of the FBi are intervening in the Municipal Tower of SJ. My instructions as always are of total collaboration

I have no more information right now. We all have a duty to work together to clarify this situation 2/3

If someone has done something wrong, they must be subjected to due process and face the consequences of their actions. 3/3

We’ll keep you posted, but this investigation seems long overdue.