Just like President George W. Bush was hammered for the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, President Trump was raked over the coals by the Left for not doing enough for Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. You might remember San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz somehow finding a custom clothing shop in the devastation and wearing T-shirts on-air reading, “NASTY” and a cap with “4,645” on it, representing the number reported dead.

You probably don’t remember CBS News’ David Begnaud in 2018 confirming viral images showing “what may be millions of water bottles” that were sent to Puerto Rico by the U.S. federal government a year earlier but never delivered to those in need by local authorities. A year later, Begnaud found thousands more water bottles — bought by FEMA for Hurricane Maria survivors — sitting in a field in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Now CBS News is reporting that Puerto Rico’s emergency director has been fired after video emerged showing aid sitting unused in a warehouse, some from the 2017 relief effort.

Trump had blamed local mismanagement for Puerto Rico’s lack of aid.

They’ll ignore it.