As you probably know, Puerto Rico is a mess. Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resigns August 2, and the woman who’s in line to take his place doesn’t want the job. Accusations that the entire government is corrupt and inept have intensified since Hurricane Maria hit the island, and most of them are probably true.

You might remember back in September of last year when CBS News’ David Begnaud confirmed with a senior official at FEMA that viral images shared to Facebook indeed showed “what may be millions of water bottles” that were sent to Puerto Rico by the U.S. federal government a year earlier but never delivered to those in need by local authorities:

Begnaud is back, and he’s found thousands more water bottles meant for disposal and recycling dumped in a field somewhere.

Well, there’s talk of letting Congress step in and having President Trump appoint an interim governor if the next in line doesn’t want the job.

In short, FEMA doesn’t know what’s going on either: