According to our Twitter feed, the top trending topic on Twitter this afternoon is Julián, as Julián Castro announced Thursday that he was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race. He’d made a last-minute plea for donations on New Year’s Eve, but apparently he didn’t secure enough donors to put him back up on the debate stage.

So we sort of admire long-shot candidate Marianne Williamson laying off her entire campaign staff. If you remember, former candidate Kamala Harris closed all her campaign offices in New Hampshire and made Iowa her all-or-nothing bet. But Williamson, who was spotted on New Year’s Day in Washington, D.C., next to a giant geode full of crystals, cut the cord completely, and she’s going to keep running without any staffers.

A lot of people have made fun of Williamson for being spacey, but laying everyone off was a pretty sober move for someone running below 1 percent in the polls that bothered to include her.

Say what you want, but what the last five Democratic debates have been missing is Marianne Williamson. She was great up there.

Deval Patrick, who managed to draw two people to Morehouse College with a staff, is still considered a contender by the DNC.

Prove him wrong, candidates.