Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer who was having an affair with FBI agent Peter Strzok, joined Twitter recently and had a nice puff-piece written by Molly Jong-Fast about her in the Daily Beast. In return, Jong-Fast thanked Page, “who survived this ordeal” — not the ordeal of having an affair with Strzok but the ordeal of being targeted by President Trump, whose “fake orgasm” at a rally was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Plenty pushed back on the idea that Page was the victim in this scenario, including Mollie Hemingway and Byron York. But don’t expect to see much pushback from Rachel Maddow, who’s hosting Page Tuesday night on MSNBC, when we’ll find out what it’s like when the president tries to ruin your life after you try to ruin his presidency.

The release of the text messages that went like this?


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