We’re so old, we remember Dick Gephardt always going on about this unnamed rich friend of his who was always coming to his office and begging — begging — the government to raise his taxes, knowing it would be good for everybody.

Beto O’Rourke has been doing something similar lately, both telling voters at debates that, “Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15s” (and even making a campaign fundraiser T-shirt out of it) and then sharing anecdotes of all the common ground he’s found with gun owners at gun shows, where you can buy an AR-15 for $395. Why, he’s certain law-abiding gun owners in Texas would be more than happy to cut their semi-automatic rifles into pieces:

Now we have done a couple of posts on people who have destroyed their AR-15s on video (possibly illegally) or turned them in to police, but we’re not seeing a lot of it. But wait … O’Rourke just talked to another “longtime Republican” in a Buc-ee’s restroom and the movement is growing.

What’s strange about talking at the urinal? We’re counting the days until O’Rourke does a live stream of his trip to the restroom.

We see what you did there.