Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s campaign re-relaunch took place in Texas on Thursday, and he’s off and running (again). One of O’Rourke’s first stops since his latest campaign reboot was in Arkansas at a gun show:

Around that time O’Rourke tweeted this scorching hot take:

Does he sound a bit like David Hogg?

Sadly candidates like O’Rourke have no intention of leaving people alone if they’re elected.

And that’s $395 “for a lifetime,” meaning we must have missed it when ammunition and upkeep became absolutely free.

O’Rourke took such a hard swing for the non-sequitur fences that he’s lucky he didn’t dislocate a shoulder.

So much of the Democrat narrative comes pre-ruined. And even taking O’Rourke’s numbers at face value, it’s still a backfire: