The argument we usually hear from those who would ban civilians from carrying firearms, openly or concealed, is that women, mostly, would end up either shooting themselves or have the gun taken away from them and shot.

What we don’t usually hear is that if a person has a gun, they’ll freak out, panic, and accidentally shoot and maim half-a-dozen bystanders to a purse-snatching, but that’s present David Frum sees.

Just do what Joe Biden suggested: buy a shotgun, keep it in your house, and just blow a hole through the front door into the darkness if you think there might be intruders out there up to no good. Now that’s sensible gun control.

Who’s panicking, exactly? CNBC’s John Harwood would call the cops if he saw someone legally open carrying in a coffee shop. It doesn’t matter if the guy was just waiting in line; he could go nuts at any moment and open fire. This woman too would call the cops, assuming that you’re a bad person up to no good if you’re carrying a gun. That’s why Starbucks had to ask those cops to leave; their firearms were causing a panic.

They do … check it out:

Pulling a rifle off of someone with their hands full isn’t an accident, but none of this makes sense anyway.