You know how weird and creepy it was when that international tourist snuck a photo of a guy’s holstered gun at Yellowstone and called him a “bell end” (not to his face, though)? We feel the same way about the guy who carried his rifle into what appears to be a coffee shop. He didn’t seem to be doing anything but ordering coffee, and now a photo of his back is all over social media causing a ruckus.

As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, one Canadian-born woman said she’d call the cops on the guy, because he was making her feel uncomfortable and besides, if he’s carrying a gun, she’s going to assume he’s NOT a good person. Of course, if he’s carrying legally, the cops aren’t going to do anything except introduce more guns to the equation.

Now Bulwark founder Charlie Sykes is passing around the same photo and taking a poll of sorts:

CNBC’s John Harwood’s already added an Option 4:

And tell them there’s a man openly carrying a firearm in an open-carry state?

We’ve gotta go with Dana Loesch on this one. We’re fine with open carry but concealed carry is where it’s at.

We’re surprised no one’s mentioned Option 5 yet: Take a picture with your phone and plaster it all over social media.

Yeah, the waiting politely in line with both hands off of the rifle is straight-up mass shooter behavior.

Oh, he’s a white nationalist now. We’re guessing those two words are going to appear in every post from now until Nov. 2020.

Do cops in open-carry states really get as many calls as this one photo would suggest?

And we never did get Sykes’ answer.