OK, we’ll say it again: we usually don’t do posts on random people on Twitter, but seeing as this guy felt obligated to post a photo of a perfect stranger on social media, we’re guessing he won’t mind. We’re guessing Kevin is from the U.K. from his use of “bell end” as an insult — we’ll let you figure out the American translation for yourselves.

First, that’s not a revolver, obviously. Second, you have no idea if there’s a need — why not ask him? Third, if “most people” you’ve met in the U.S. want gun control, obviously we should ban guns, and pointy kniveshammers, garden utensils, and rusty spoons. Let the ratio begin.

The bobbies certainly would have confiscated that.

Seeing a gun must be alarming to someone coming from somewhere as free of violent crime as, say, London. All the criminals have thrown their knives in the handy knife disposal bins posted around the city.

That’ll never get old.