Looks like if we’d just been patient and waited long enough, that whole American Revolution could have been a whole lot easier, seeing as the British have left guns behind and are confiscating gardening tools and building supplies that could be used as weapons.

Knife crime is a thing in the U.K., and police are serious about it. One police department posted a photo of scissors, needle-nose pliers, and a file found during a weapons sweep, and another police department posted a picture of potentially dangerous gardening tools that were seized.

And if the sight of Cookie Monster reaches your heart and convinces you that you don’t need that pocketknife, there are knife disposal bins around.

So it’s no surprise at all to see Counter Terrorism Policing U.K. asking citizens to rat out anyone buying knives or hammers.

We did look again, and we saw a man at a hardware store putting a hammer in his shopping basket.

Good lad.