As Twitchy reported earlier, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Metropolitan Police are taking knife crime in and around the city very seriously, even kicking off a social media campaign about living life #knifefree. In case you missed it, here’s an example:

On Monday, Twitchy showed off some tools (including pliers and a file) that British police had safely taken off the streets and disposed of as part of Operation Sceptre, an effort started in 2015 to combat knife crime and rid the streets of dangerous tools.

That got Twitter sleuths looking for more, and they dug up gold with this photo from last fall of even more dangerous weapons found by authorities with the Barnsbury Police.


Ask your local police department about living #spadefree.

We don’t think they have buy-back programs for gardening tools yet, but there are “knife surrender bins” located at police stations and around London — check out the details at Operation Sceptre.

* * *


Here’s one of those knife disposal bins we alluded to above, just in case you’re walking down the sidewalk and feel guilty carrying that garden trowel: