Remember how a Starbucks caved recently and asked police officers to move outside because a patron claimed she felt threatened by their firearms? You know who else would feel threatened by their firearms? They guy who broke into her house later that night, compelling her to call the cops.

We understand how open carry of an AR-15 would cause some concern — they are scary-looking to a lot of people — but again, calling cops with smaller firearms to respond to a law-abiding citizen with a larger firearm just doesn’t seem any more comfortable to us; you’re just bringing more guns into the room.


Come on … there sure are a lot of people acting on assumptions here. If we say a guy patiently waiting in line with his rifle strapped over his back, we’d assume he’s not there to rob the place or commit mass murder. Why wait in line?

This guy has #Resist and #TakeAKnee hashtags in his Twitter bio:

No; you don’t get to murder someone because you assume bad intentions on their part. And check out this hero:

Whoa, he’ll neutralize the non-threat! How, he doesn’t specify.

So you’ll assume the guy is a Nazi and “neutralize” him for open carry. Sure you will. Here’s another tough guy keeping the streets safe:

That seems unlikely, since it looks like he’s just waiting in line to buy coffee.

Remember that your Second Amendment rights are at risk because people are afraid of guns and assume everyone who has one is a killer.