It’s back — the lie that President Trump made it easier for the “severely mentally ill” to purchase firearms is back and making the rounds of social media again. Dana Loesch helped debunk that conspiracy theory in 2017 when it was being pushed by everyone from Cher to Rachel Maddow to Kurt Eichenwald to Shannon Watts to Bette Midler. Midler even canceled that donation she’d sent to the ACLU after finding out the civil rights organization was backing Trump on this one.

Now there’s a lot of talk about “red flag” laws, and Loesch once again has stepped forward with a thread explaining what’s really going on and why red-flag laws might themselves be red flags. The president has brought them up since the El Paso mass shooting:

And Sen. Lindsey Graham seems to be a huge supporter:

Here’s an excerpt from Graham’s statement:

The use of Extreme Risk Protection Orders also known as “Red Flag” orders have shown promise in the states.

While no two state laws are the same, Red Flag laws generally work by a family or household member or law enforcement officer petitioning a court to temporarily restrict an individual’s ability to buy or access firearms. The burden of proof is placed on law enforcement to prove the person in question has become an imminent danger and there is a Due Process right for the individual to challenge the determination.

This is not a red or blue state issue. Politically, these laws are found in red, blue, and purple states.

In March 2018, the Trump Administration called on every state to enact Extreme Risk Protection Orders. President Trump also directed the Department of Justice to provide technical assistance to states – at their request – regarding establishing and implementing Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

Outside groups with opposing views of the Second Amendment – the National Rifle Association and Giffords Law Center – have also expressed support for Red Flag legislation.

We like the part about robustly respecting due process — something the law tying “severe mental illness” to Social Security failed to do — but read on for more:

Believe it or not, conservatives, Republicans, NRA members are all concerned with stopping any more mass shootings. But the opposition always seems to make the immediate jump to gun confiscation and mandatory buy-backs.