Kamala Harris came out strong at Wednesday night’s debate, with Joe Biden shaking her hand and asking her to go easy on him. Not that we’re huge fans of Tulsi Gabbard, but it was really, really satisfying to watch Harris get the wind knocked out of her sails by Gabbard, who pressed her on her record as a prosecutor and attorney general.

Gabbard nailed her with facts, which Harris dismissed as “fancy opinions on a stage” and refused to address. Harris really laid low for the remainder of the debate; the momentum and swagger were gone.

But Gabbard has plenty of baggage of her own, such as her meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2017. But didn’t Assad attack his own people with chemical weapons? Gabbard says we’ll never know for sure because President Trump went in and bombed all the evidence.

Gabbard was called out on her visit with Assad on MSNBC Thursday and dodged the question, saying it sounded like a talking point from the Harris campaign.

Yep, every “attack” on another Democrat’s record and ever uncomfortable question from a moderator was just repeating a “Republican talking point.”

A theory emerges:

Gabbard doesn’t stand a chance anyway. Harris might actually have a shot, but that’s looking doubtful after Wednesday night’s debate. But if the two want to tear each other apart, we’ll bring the popcorn.