Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii never denied that there was a chemical attack on Syrian civilians, but she was skeptical of claims that President Bashar Assad, whom she met with in Syria in January, was responsible.

Now that President Trump ordered a missile strike on the airbase where the attack was believed to have been launched, though, the world might never know who was to blame … something UN investigators might have been able to determine if the president hadn’t been in such a rush to blow something up.

A UN investigation into a gas attack in Syria in 2017? Who wants to be the one to tell her that, according to former United Nations ambassador Susan Rice, the Syrian government “voluntarily and verifiably” gave up its chemical weapons stockpile under the Obama administration?

Now, thanks to President Trump’s impulsive missile strike, that crack team of UN inspectors won’t be able to travel to the Syrian military airbase where the chemical attack was reportedly launched and poke around the facility looking for evidence that might have fingered al-Qaeda or ISIS.

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