Wednesday night’s second Democratic primary debate was “Sleepy” Joe Biden’s chance to stand up to Kamala Harris, who kneecapped him badly in the first debate by going after his record on busing and work with segregationists in the Senate.

Everyone thought it was Biden who’d draw blood this time, but he didn’t; he was a mere distraction while Tulsi Gabbard sneaked up behind Harris and shivved her with ugly facts about her record as a prosecutor — facts that Harris dismissed as “fancy opinions” while standing by her record, saying she was proud of the job she did.

So now it’s on — it’s Gabbard vs. Harris, and Gabbard has already suggested Thursday that an MSNBC interviewer was hitting her with talking points provided by the Harris campaign.

As Twitchy reported earlier Thursday, New York Times contributing op-ed writer and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali is warning people to be on the lookout for Gabbard’s swarm of Russian bots targeting Harris.

Joy Reid, who’s no conspiracy theorist but a real journalist with MSNBC, jumped into the conversation and noted that Gabbard seemed like some kind of Terminator sent to take Harris out of the game.

“It is notable.”

It’s notable that everyone on that stage was trying to take the others down. Even Spartacus put down his guitar and stopped singing “Kumbaya” to get in a dig at Joe Biden toward the end.

Ali is still taking a beating for his warning that Gabbard has Russian bots everywhere.

“And here’s my proof …”

Thank goodness Oliver Darcy and crew forced Alex Jones off of Twitter so we’re not inundated with whacky conspiracy theories anymore.