Can you imagine sitting with Whoopi Goldberg, Ana Navarro, and Joy Behar every day? We don’t know how Meghan McCain can stand it. Honestly, this editor just sat and listened to this nonsense for a few minutes and is already close to throwing her computer out the freakin’ window.

Ana babbling on and on about Russian bots helping Tulsi? Note, Ana is a HUGE Kamala fan so she’s very, very biased.

Joy calling her a Trojan Horse?

Kudos to Meghan for standing up for someone she likely does not agree with on most issues.


Tulsi beat Kamala. Hands down.

Sidenote, why does Joy always look like she smelled a fart?

Because it’s insane but we digress.

Seems Tulsi upset many a Kamala fan last night:

See what Ana did here? Dirty pool.

That’s the point of the show, derp.

What does Whoopi do every day?

*eye roll*

Super classy.


Have they met Joy Behar?


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