As Twitchy reported earlier, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was noting the irony that so many who tell of their families immigrating to the United States through Ellis Island are now “taking fervent anti-immigrant stances and branding innocent human beings as ‘illegal.'”

Plenty were quick to remind her that if your family came through Ellis Island, an official port of entry, they arrived here legally, and by the way, not everyone who arrived at Ellis Island was permitted entry into the country and given citizenship.

That wasn’t the end of her history lecture, though; she hadn’t yet brought racism into it, and so she felt she had to compare illegal immigration at the border today to slavery.

If you noticed, we used “is” and not “was” in our headline, because Ocasio-Cortez is obviously implying that the unfairness isn’t gone and there are life-and-death implications of today’s immigration laws as they’re enforced.

He’s not lying. They say they’re not for open borders, they just want to decriminalize crossing the border illegally, issue driver’s licenses to illegals, abolish ICE and end deportations, give illegal immigrants free healthcare, etc.

We might be segregated again if Democratic Party frontrunner Joe Biden is elected president. We hear he has a history.

Losing thousands of jobs.


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