Here’s some news from Tuesday that doesn’t seem to have jettisoned 2020 presidential candidate Julián Castro to the front of the pack, but once the hubbub over Joe Biden’s creepy hair-sniffing fetish passes, it will be interesting to see if any of the other Democratic candidates (with a chance of winning) get on board:

“Decriminalized” can be misinterpreted, so we’ll let The Hill explain:

Castro, who announced his Democratic White House bid in January, wrote in a blog post that “the truth is, immigrants seeking refuge in our country aren’t a threat to national security.”

“Migration shouldn’t be a criminal justice issue.”

Castro called for the removal of Section 1325, the law which has made illegal entry a federal misdemeanor since 1929, arguing that the rule has been weaponized to target immigrants.

“These laws got a new life in 2005, when the Bush administration decided to charge those that crossed the border with criminal violations, rather than civil ones,” the former San Antonio, Texas, mayor explained.

“This shift to criminalize immigration is at the core of many of this administration’s most egregious immigration policies — from family separation to indiscriminate ICE raids to targeting asylum seekers.”

Maybe we’re just cynics or bad people in general, but hasn’t the word got out among those migrant caravans that when you either reach a border checkpoint or are apprehended by the Border Patrol, you claim asylum, regardless? And if you passed from Central America through Mexico to reach the United States, weren’t you obligated to apply for asylum in Mexico?

Castro hasn’t as far as we know come out in full support of open borders, but someone among the Democratic candidates is going to have to step up and say it to lock in those progressive votes.

He’s the guy polling below 1 percent among Democratic voters right now.

We’re awfully close to that now. ICE will cease to exist if some Democrats get their way.

These Democratic primary debates are going to be lit.


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